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Heart Centred Sales - How to take a Win - Win approach to sales?

The word “sales” seems to have received a bad name over the years. When people hear the word they think things like, pushy used car sales people, or time-shares, or simply something they will buy and will regret later because they felt pressured.

When we say the word “sales” we are describing the way in which we convey the value of the product or service you have to your potential customer. We feel a heart centred sales approach that is in service to your potential customers is the most effective way to deliver your message. Heart centred sales:

  • Aligns with morals and values of the organization

  • Is a continuation of the branding message

  • Effectively conveys value to current and future customers

Many businesses fail due to not having an effective sales strategy, thinking their products will “sell themselves” or the right brochure, web site, or social media will do all the selling for them. Although these are great to have, many transactions are still from person to person and having a sales strategy and skills to deliver the message is still critical to overall business success.

When designing a sales story we must remain customer focused and make sure the highlighted product attributes speak directly to the current or future needs of the potential customers.

People want to make informed decisions, they absolutely want the best value in all the products they purchase. Depending on the complexity of the transaction it will determine the amount of data needed to make informed decisions. Some product features are overt and some are subtle, but we should not decide for the customer what is important to them.

If we take a WIN WIN approach to sales, the customer walks away happy and with no regrets as they made a fully informed decision they feel great about. We also walk away feeling great that we represented our products and ourselves with integrity and honestly and won the day!

Score one for the good guys.

Hopeful Builder

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