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No Excuses for a Bad Website!

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” – Will Rogers

The average consumer today has the attention span of a toddler hyped up on candy bars, which gives about 15 seconds to grab their extremely divided attention. This is a very short amount of time to peak their interest in your business offering and let them know they have landed at the right place, at the right time.

Today's digital marketplaces are over-the-top busy, even to the point of chaotic. It is noisy and messy, with an avalanche of information available at anyone’s fingertips. Google any business type and you will get hundreds, thousands and even millions of hits.

And still, this is where approximately 81% of potential consumers will start their search for any new products or services on the web. Gone are the days of pulling out the yellow pages to what we are looking for. Today it's all about online presence.

I am sure all of us have embarked on the quest for information on a new product or service. I say quest, because it can feel like a daunting task once started, as we jump down the rabbit hole and often experience information overload. The challenge can be sorting through tons of information while determining the good from the bad, the relevant from the not so relevant

“Your website is the window of your business. Keep it fresh, keep it exciting.” – Jay Conrad Levinson

What makes things worse is when we finally land on a site we feel could be a trusted source, only to find that the website is unprofessional, stale, has broken links, or is over complicated. You get the picture. We have all been in this spot and for most of us, after 15 seconds (or less) we move on.

With only one chance at a first impression, regardless of how a potential consumer landed on your website, you have a very small but extremely important window of time to WOW your potential customer, capture their attention and hopefully have them connect with your business in a meaningful way. With any luck they will even reach out and contact you.

You have worked extremely hard to build your skills and your business, and to perfect your product or service. Your website needs to reflect your love of business and the passion you put into it. It should quickly demonstrate have your finger on the pulse of your target client's needs.

The question you need to ask yourself is…If after a long search I land on my own website, would I stay to learn more and connect, or would move on in 15 seconds or less?

Your website works for you 24/7, it is your silent salesperson working on behalf of your company (even when you are sleeping). In today's digital age most companies' success depends on a targeted, properly designed, relevant, easy to navigate and highly functional website. It is the digital extension of your business enterprise.

"A bad website is like a grumpy salesperson” – Jakob Nielson

Here at HopefulBuilder Creative, we create strategically built websites that will separate you from the competitor and engage with your ideal clients. Click here to make an appointment for a free website evaluation TODAY!


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