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3 Things To Consider When Things Don’t Seem To Go The Way You Expected

In life we often get caught up in what other people or organizations are doing whether it is personally or professionally. In your personal life you brought this person a gift or did this kind act and you expected them to reciprocate your generosity or in business you did this AMAZING product presentation and you expected a BIG sale to occur.

But when the “expected” does not always happen (even when we are positive it will), both in business and in life we need to release from the outcomes and focus more on our personal and business values and processes. When we put a TON of ENERGY on outcomes they can be personally draining, confusing, and cause us to question who and what we are as a person or a business.

If an outcome does not go our way, consider its feedback, data, information you can use to improve. Be grateful for the information and allow yourself to be inspired by it.

Three things to consider when things don’t seem to go the way you expect:

- Do you feel good about your part?

- Is there a difference in values?

- Is it simply bad timing?

When we can embrace all outcomes as feedback, we can be ENERGIZED instead of drained. Even when they (outcomes) feel like they are not going our way, in reality they are all going our way, as we now have MORE data to make better decisions in the future.

If you are clear on your mission and the value you offer (personally or professionally) keep putting yourself out there, as the more feedback you get, the better tailored your presentations will evolve over time. You will find organizations (and people) whose values are similar to yours and as you do magic will happen! But if you allow yourself to be drained by negative outcomes you may never get a chance to make those fruitful and fulfilling connections.

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