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5 Things Nobody Tells You About Working Remotely

Since starting my own business in 2011 one of the side benefits has been the ability to work from home or remotely from the road. If I am being honest, it was a struggle at first as I missed the connection and hustle, bustle and shared energy of the office environment.

But once I started getting used to working remotely I realized just how much I could

get done in a day without distractions and I was amazed! I could customize my

workstation for maximum productivity; I could also travel around the world and

still stay connected to my clients. I could even work in some exercise and meditation

as part of my workday, have greater connection to people important to me and I

could have a much greater understanding of my energy and attention and maximize

my personal productivity, just to name a few benefits.

Here are 5 benefits that nobody tells you about working remotely:

  1. NO Commute – How much time per day is spent commuting? I would hazard a guess that most would spend at least 1 hour per day traveling back and forth to work (I know I did). This time and energy can be spent on more productive activities both personally and professionally.

  2. Increased Freedom – work from home or work from a campsite or work from a land far far away, imagine having more control of where and when you work! We still have responsibilities, but having more freedom as to when and where we complete our work can feel AMAZING!

  3. Improved Health – Working from home has shown to lower stress, improve relationships and allow for more time for hobbies, interests and exercise. These factors increase job satisfaction; create work/life balance and overall happiness allowing for greater health and wellness

  4. Environmental Impact – fewer cars on the road, less fuel consumed, less greenhouse gases created, less traffic congestion. Drive less and live and work more efficiently!

  5. Increase productivity – Less distractions, less office politics, less noise, ability to customize your workspace, control your time, and more efficient meetings are just a few of the possible reasons your productivity will increase with a remote workspace.

Want to explore the benefits of working remotely? Contact us today!

David Fyfe

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