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Abundance vs. Scarcity mindset

How many times, when things are going well and according to plan do you think; WOW! My business is going AMAZING! Or my relationships are FANTASTIC! We have an abundance mindset, and from this place everything seems not only possible, but VERY likely to happen. We start making future plans based on business growth, happy and positive connections, the future looks bright! I may be exaggerating a little but you get the picture. It's all rainbows and unicorns!

But then blissful feeling is interrupted by; bad news, a lost large client, some criticism, health issues, economic downtown, things are just NOT going EXACTLY as planned! A storm passes through your bright future plans and suddenly you feel your world gets VERY small! We start walking on eggshells, we get fearful and see only limitations; there are only SO MANY clients, I have no REAL friends, we are in the WRONG business! Our future plans start to fade and we start to doubt everything; do I have a good plan, am I smart enough, is there enough business to go around?

The question to ask yourself; what really changed? I know for me I can slide into this scarcity mindset very easily if a situation I have worked very hard for does not roll my way. The seconding guessing and speculating on all the variables in and out of my control is overwhelming and can crowd out rational thought at times. But what REALLY changed in the grand scheme of things? Is the SKY really falling? Most of the time it is NOT! The situation is temporary, a learning experience, and if approached correctly can often be…get this…an OPPORTUNITY for more!

There are times that the scarcity mindset can be overwhelming and hard to shake, here are some tips to move yourself from being on the stormy island of scarcity all by yourself, back to rainbows and unicorns in the land of abundance!

  1. Take some time to reflect on, and actually see your successes. You have tons and tons of evidence that you know what you are doing! Make a list of accomplishments, how soon we forget the good stuff!

  2. Embrace the difficult time as an opportunity, if you are experiencing it, it is highly likely so is your competition. Take the information as data and fuel for change! Bigger and Better things are just around the corner!

  3. Reach for support. Often we try to tackle these difficult times all by ourselves in our little bubble. Reach out to some like-minded folks, they likely have been through similar tough times and can help keep you grounded and focused on the tasks and the opportunities that you are facing!

In business as in life we are going to experience we are going to experience many ups and downs. The downs unfortunately seem to demand a disproportionate amount of our subconscious energy and attention. During these times we need to focus our conscious attention on the reality at hand and shift ourselves back to the abundance mindset. As you practice this will become easier and easier to accomplish!

There is lots of business to go around.

Hopeful Builder


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