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Be Bold! Put yourself out there!

One of the KEY reasons we see successful business people is their ability to be BOLD, be FEARLESS and put themselves out there! They do not wait for the perfect situation, the perfect education, the perfect amount of money, there is always be something that is not “perfectly” aligned as an excuse to NOT move forward. They often see reasons to move forward in difficulties and see opportunities in challenges.

People always try to be perfect. That’s why they don’t start anything. Perfection is the lowest standard in the world. Because if you’re trying to be perfect, you know you can’t be. So what you really have is a standard you can never achieve. You want to be outstanding, not perfect.” –Tony Robbins

Three things to consider to assist in being BOLD and putting your ideas out there:

1. The rule of 80% - we can continually improve, edit and fuss with our materials, our plans, our products and they will NEVER see the light of day. We find the rule of 80% works very well with many things. Once you have it to 80% launch it, knowing you can fine tune as time goes on. Get your ideas out into the world, get feedback and be open to change and inspiration!

2. Join groups of like-minded folks – find groups you can join with people that have dreams and aspirations similar to yours. Help and support each other in getting through the various and sometimes-difficult steps moving closer to launching your business. Set up accountability partners to help you keep on tasks.

3. Start small – We don’t all have to quit our day jobs to start our own business, we can start small with a side gig so we can learn the ropes and polish our product offering over time with real world feedback. This will reduce your risk but at the same time keep you moving in the direction towards your hopes and dreams.

Starting your own business can be such a fulfilling event as you get to express your gifts and passions to the world in the way you make your living. There can be many reasons and justifiers to stop the world from experiencing what you have to offer, we would like to help you work through them and see this dream of self-employment come true!

Time to get started – we can help!


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