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Create A Facebook Business Page in a Few Easy Steps!

Before you create a Page for your business, you must have a Facebook profile. Once you have your Facebook profile, follow these steps to set up your business Page:

1. At the top of your Facebook homepage, select Create and choose Page.

2. Give your Page a name. Businesses typically use their company name.

3. Add a category to describe your Page. This is a way for people to find you on Facebook when they search for a type of business.

4. Enter your business information, like your address and contact information. Once you are finished, select Continue.

5. Add a profile photo for your Page. If you'd like to do this later, you can skip this step. However, we recommend you add a profile photo so people recognize your business. When you're finished, select Next or Skip.

6. You can also add a cover photo for your Page. If you'd like to do this later, you can skip this step. However, we recommend you add a cover photo as Pages with a cover photo tend to get more Likes. When you're finished, select Continue to go to your new Page.

Edit your Page

Once you create a Page, you can edit almost anything on it at any time, from your profile photo to your contact information.

If you're not sure the category you chose is working for your business, you can change it as well.

Page categories

When you first create a Page, you can choose one Page category. These categories help people find your Page, and visitors will see them in your Page's About section.

If you're not sure which category to choose, don't worry. After you set up your Page and choose your first category, you can add two more.

Page templates

When you choose a category, Facebook suggests a template for your Page layout. These templates have tabs and sections designed for your business's needs. For example, if you sell dresses online, your Page will use the shopping template by default.

Want to change your template?

To change your Page layout, follow these steps:

1. From your Facebook Page, select Settings in the top right.

2. Select Templates and Tabs.

3. In the Templates section, select Edit

4. You'll see a list of templates you can choose. You'll also see your current template and the template Facebook recommends you use.

5. For more information on the template, select View Details. This will walk you through the unique parts of this template.

Now that you have set up your Page!

Source: Facebook


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