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Decision Making: Stop Seeking Perfection and Embrace A Level of Uncertainly

One of the many challenges facing entrepreneurs and people in general is the ability to make good quality decisions quickly and decisively. Quick decisions can be the difference in the success and failure of your business enterprise. Opportunities can have an expiry date, and the person able to capitalize on market opportunity can often reap the benefits!

Stop seeking perfection and embrace a level of uncertainty – many are looking for the perfect solution before making a decision causing significant delays or in some cases completely stopping decisions from happening. Decisions will start to back log and become overwhelming, making even the small decisions seem HUGE! For most daily decisions set the bar at 80%, once you feel 80% certain you have the information you require to make a decision, pull the trigger, make the decision and move on to the next one.

Make independent decisions- not all decisions require a committee, getting the consensus on a committee of people can be nearly impossible even on a good day. Do your independent research, on big decisions invite a of couple trusted and informed opinions and based on the information you gather make a decision you can trust as high quality.

Make small decisions quickly – In the course of a day we can often make dozens of big and small decisions for our business. Make the small ones quickly, they are often decisions we can take back if needed, not permanent but fluid and changing and can be adjusted. Focus more energy and time on the big and more long lasting decisions for your business. Don’t sweat the small ones.

Best time of day for bigger decisions – For many of us we make better decisions at various times of the day. For the HEAVY lifting decisions pick the time of the day you are most clear minded and fresh. BIG decisions in the morning and SMALL decisions in the afternoon for example.

The move to self-employment can often make decisions harder to make, as the perceived impact of a bad decision seems larger and more personal. We are now making decisions that affect our company, reputation, brand and in the end our ability to make income. But with all that being said we still need to continue to make GOOD daily decisions for our companies. Do your research, embrace uncertainty, trust your gut and find the best time of day for big decisions.

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