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Facebook Is Planning To Add An Option To Switch Between Personal and Business Account in Messenger

Facebook is working on making things easier for Page Managers to respond to message from the audience by adding a new, simple toggle which will enable switching between personal and business Messenger accounts in a few taps.

In the above sequence, when you tap and hold your profile picture in Messenger, you will be able to switch to your business inbox quickly. (Pictures from Facebook)

Facebook explained that according to their research, over 90% of Facebook business admins already use Messenger to chat with friends or family and they heard that many of those Facebook business Admins don't want to download and manage multiple apps. Facebook also knows that small businesses need tools that are reliable and easy to use to help grow their online presence and communicate with customers.

Even though you already manage your business messages within Facebook Page and Creator Studio app but accessing it directly from your regular Messenger app will make it a lot easier to stay on top of the latest messages or questions from your clients or customers.

Facebook also said that the new business inbox Messenger will make it easy and convenient for businesses to respond quickly. Businesses can also choose to receive notification in the Messenger app to remind them to get back to customers in a timely manner.

Theoretically, once Facebook's full messaging process is integrated, this will also mean that you'll be able to manage all of your messaging interactions, across Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, within a single app. That could make it much easier to stay on top of everything - which could also prompt more businesses to utilize messaging more readily, within each app.

It's a simple but effective additional feature and with Facebook looking to provide more eCommerce tools, helping more businesses cater to increasing demand for online options, the need for fast responses to all queries is will be on the rise.

Facebook is still working on the messenger integration plan so the new business inbox will be rolled out in the Messenger app on iOS and Android soon. And it could open up new opportunities for your business.

Stay tuned!

Information from Facebook


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