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Popular Top 3 Reasons For Business Failure

Having the right guidance and support will provide access to a formula for success

for your new business venture. Many of the top reasons why a new business fails

can be avoided if you can connect to the right coaching and supports. According to

Bloomberg 80% of new business fail in the first 18 months.

Popular top 3 reasons for business failure:

  1. Poor management

  2. Flawed business model

  3. Out of touch with the marketplace.

When new businesses start out they are fueled by a ton of optimism and enthusiasm. This positive energy can often quickly fade when unexpected roadblocks and complications occur. Keeping focused on important tasks needed for business growth and keeping your energy even keeled when facing challenging situations will be easier will the support of a business coach.

Many of the tough times or failures a business can face often be transformed into market opportunities. Success is wonderful, but we learn our best lessons from failure. Navigating tough times and seeing the value from failure is one of many key assets a coach brings to your new business venture. Failure is nothing to fear!

Plan your work and work your plan! Strategic plans help many important facets of your business venture come to life. A good plan can be test against the many decisions a business owner faces on a daily basis, it helps to avoid pitfalls and time and money traps that don’t match with the overall business goals.

Avoid the heartache of a failed business or a dream never realized. Flip the odds in your favour by getting the right people and support systems in place for your best chance at success. Being able to express our passion in the way we make our living is a gift to our self and a dream fulfilled!

Let us help!

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