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The power of Follow-Up in your business

You know that you need to do follow-up in your business, right? We won't tell you anything you already know. Well, people usually tell us:

"But it's a time consuming."

"But what if they think I'm being pushy?"

"But no one responds to my message."

"But I'm not ......


You can find a thousand excuses for not doing follow-up. And here is the thing, Follow-Up is like building a bridge. Every customer that you are keeping in touch is another brick to add to your bridge, building the relationship bridge bigger and stronger. Will they respond to every follow-up? No, they don't need refills or new product right now but every brick makes your bridge stronger? Of course, yes!

Why is that bridge important? Because when they are ready to order, reorder, the bridge that you built one relationship brick at a time is the best connection between you and your customers. They will remember you for the relationship, the connection that you built with them. And they will come back to you.

The stronger the bridge, the stronger relationship connection. And each of those bricks is service, value and trust. And a long the view of your business, Follow-Up is the most priceless thing of all.

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