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The Power of Self-Discipline

What is self-discipline and why is it important in life and in business? Self-discipline is the “correction or regulation of oneself for the sake of improvement” (Merriam-Webster) One of the most important qualities that can contribute to your long-term business success, physical/mental health and overall happiness is self-discipline.

When making the leap to self-employment, we no longer have a boss or a company structure to work within. This can be a cause for celebration but at the same time can often leave a void and many can struggle with this lack of leadership and daily structure. There can be many new tasks in self-employment that you may not have been faced with before (i.e. government regulations, taxes, marketing, social media to name a few) these tasks can be draining, but still need to be completed.

Self-employment can also be extremely mentally draining and very time consuming throwing work/life out of balance. Getting to those less than desirable tasks and at the same time keeping your work/life balance in tact can be EXTREMELY challenging.

Here are a few tips on gaining better self-discipline

Wake up early – Have as much day in front of you as possible so you can accomplish all that you want to in a day, both personally and professionally.

First things first – Tackle the BIG stuff first, your mind is clear at the start of the day, slay those complex tasks; what seemed tough yesterday will seem easier in the morning. Get to those things you have been putting off!

Take time for YOU – Do not forget about your needs, take time to exercise, enjoy nature, mediate and connect with your important people.

Leverage – If there are tasks you HATE or find difficult, find ways to get help from others. Let others live their dreams by helping you with tasks out of your wheelhouse, giving you more time and energy with the stuff you LOVE!

Celebrate – Reward yourself when tasks are completed and milestones are achieved. Our brains naturally focus on the negative stuff; so taking time to reflect on accomplishments and feel gratitude will help cement in these new and productive behaviors.

Self-discipline is the #1 most important trait to be successful in business, PLAN your WORK and WORK your PLAN are the simple keys to success. It sounds EASY but can be VERY difficult, let us help!

Hopeful Builder


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