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What Did You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

This is a question I often ask people when we talk about business and life. Before all the pressures of personal success, family acceptance, and societal expectations, what did you want to be? An artist, athlete, author, scientist, adventurer, actor, singer, a business owner, you name it and someone has dreamt it!

  1. What stopped you from pursuing this dream?

  2. Did someone tell you it was stupid?

  3. It’s too risky?

  4. You are not capable?

  5. To many others all ready doing it?

  6. No one makes money doing that?

The list goes on and on! Many of these, lets call them external critics, parents, teachers, friends are trying to protect us from what they fear is us “making a mistake” by criticizing our dreams and bringing us down to earth to do something “less risky” so we can (in their opinion) be happy. These well meaning people in our lives likely had their hopes, dreams and aspirations criticized and risk-reduced in the same way by their circle as well!

The message is clear from an early age, hopes and dreams are risky and frankly scary, stay over here where it is safe and secure, work the job you hate, be a good citizen and pursue the same things everyone else does, safety, security and a job well done.

Some questions to ask yourself?

  1. If not your dreams, then whose dreams are you living?

  2. If money did not matter what would you want to do?

  3. What brings you joy?

  4. Who are you trying to please?

  5. What do you fear?

Want to do some dreaming?

Let us help! Hopeful Builder

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