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What is a Hopeful Builder?

Hopeful Builder is a passionate group of people that want to assist others realize their dream of starting or expanding a business. They believe that by doing this successfully the world will be a better place by helping others put their passions to work. This work-dream connection enriches lives and ripples out into the world as a positive example for all to see.

They have a holistic approach to business that takes into account business financial sustainability and growth goals, but at the same time considers energy, and personal moral alignment with overall business purpose.

Starting a business can be hard

Starting or expanding a business has many challenges. Many people become quickly frustrated by the numerous details they face and loose site of the important tasks needed to open a business. These details quickly overwhelm the dream of opening a business. Many of the skills required in beginning of business start-ups do not line up with the current wheelhouse of skills the new business owner possesses.

Support to get started

We all have strengths and limitations, things we like to do and things we dislike. The goal is to maximize strengths, and support limitations. Steer clear of common pitfalls and time traps and stay focused on the goal of business success.

The first steps for anything new can be the hardest, but once rolling, momentum builds and things start to get easier. Having the right support and encouragement in place can play a significant part in the success of a company start up or expansion.

Energy to get the job done

At times businesses fail or never start due to a lack of personal energy and focus. Being aware of the energy we bring to challenges and that some tasks can be energy draining and some energy fueling will help formulate of plan for success.

Projects make it possible

By taking a project-based approach, complex tasks can be broken down into smaller manageable chunks we can avoid roadblocks and the resources and energy needed for completion can be mobilized.


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