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What Is Your Brand and Why Should You Care About It?

A brand is not to be confused with your logo, it is what will people think and feel when they interact with your product, service or in some cases you and your staff. What do you want them to take away, talk about, or experience? Some of top brands in the world quickly can give you a feeling by just seeing the logo.

Apple - Quality and innovation? Or?

Google - Rapid access to information? Or?

Facebook - Connection to friends and family? Or?

Whatever your reaction to these top brands, people will also have a reaction to yours as well. This reaction can be influenced, by being consistent across all channels of communication combined with an experience of your product or services.

Some important factors to consider about your brand:

  • Product quality

  • Innovation

  • Service

  • Value

  • Market position

Extremely important to consider is how your brand lines up with your personal morals and values? The closer the relationship between your personal outlook and your business brand it will be easier to be consistent in your overall branding message.

A great way to look at your brand is “a promise” you make to your customers. What promise will your product or service make to the people that choose to consume it? This promise needs to be reflect by all facets of your daily business operations from web sites, emails, forms, in-person interactions to the products and services delivered to the customers.

Brand = promise

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