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How To Assign Page Roles to People Who Will Manage Your Page

As an entrepreneur, you are usually busy with many things you have to do on your own and as your business is growing, your Page is growing so you might need help maintaining it. Page roles will allow you to add other people who help to manage your page. There are different type of roles with specific access and permission, it depends on what you want people do on your page then you will choose the correct page role to assign to them.

When you created you page, you are already the admin of the page. This means that you will have full control of your page with all features and setting on your page and the ability to assign page role to person you assigned.

As mentioned above, you have 6 different page roles that you ca assign to people who will manage your page. Each role will come with varying degrees of access and permission. I will list them here to help you to understand how it works so you can assign the page role properly:

1. Admin: as an admin, they will have total access to make changes to your Page

2. Editor: Editor can do everything but cannot assign page roles to others and change the setting of the page

3. Moderator: Moderator can send message and respond to comments o be half of your Page.

4. Job manager: who can post jobs and manage applications on behalf of you

5. Advertiser: who can only create ads and view insights.

6. Analyst: who can only lets people see insights and who's published on your Page.

To assign a Page role, follow these steps:

1. Go to your Page

2. Select Setting at the top right of your Page

3. Select Page roles in the left column

4. Type a name or email in the box and select the person from the list that appears

5. Select the role you want them to be: admin, editor, moderator, job manager, advertiser or analyst. If you want them to manage you Page but not making any changes on the Page setting then select "Editor" as a role for them.

6. Select Add and enter your password to confirm.

And remember, in order to add the person you want to add, they must like your page first. And then they after you added them, they will need to accept the role invitation before they can help you to manage the Page.

Hope these little tips will help!

Share this with your entrepreneurs if you think it will be benefit for them and follow us for more tips and insights to help you to grow your business

Hopeful Builder


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