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How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile and Posts?

According to Hootsuite's report, there are more than 25 million companies worldwide already using Instagram for business and more than 200 million users visit at least 1 business profile a day.

By saying that, Instagram has become the new place for brands and here are some tips for you on how to optimize your Instagram profile and posts for your business to attract more followers, getting high engagement.

1. Must Have Business Instagram Account:

The first and very important is Your Business Instagram profile must be Business account not personal account so you can access to all business features that Instagram offers to you such as Call, Email buttons where people can contact you easily. Also by doing this, you will make your profile public. This will make it as easy as possible for people to follow you.

2. Create your business username

Choose username that relates to your brand name, must be recognizable, consistent and the same with other social media account is the best. Example: we use hopefulbuilder as our username across social media accounts. This will let your follower, customer to find you easier.

3. Optimize your profile picture

For business, the best is using your brand logo and keep the same with other social media accounts. This will help people instantly recognize your brand. And the quality of the picture must be at least 320 pixels square in order to have a good quality, not blurry and make sure your logo or picture is fully visible in shape when you crop the logo/picture. Try it until it looks good.

4. Add links to your Bio

There is a spot on Instagram Profile call Website: where you add a clickable link. Take this advantage by adding your website link or blog to your bio to make it easy for your followers to go directly to your website or blog. You can update and change this link anytime. For example if you are running a promotion campaign on your website, you can updates the promotion campaign link directly here until the promotion ends.

5. Add location to your posts

Always add location to your post as when people see your beautiful posts, they usually want to know where the photo is taken. Also it will help to expose your post to people when they use location search on Instagram. The more exposure, the better to reach your potential clients.

6. Post Relative and Inclusive Content

Content is very important, the more your audience feels move with your content, the more you will get more followers, more engagement. Take create content that useful for your followers, give them what they want.

7. Customize Your Post

Try to write good caption: entertaining, funny, educating... Always add hashtags to your post, try to define your brand hashtag and use it on every post together with other hashtags relating to your content.

8. Use High Quality Photos

Don’t use a blurry or bad quality photos as no one wants to look at them especially on Instagram where photos are the important thing to get the first impression from people.

9. Include Calls-To-Action

Include Calls-To-Action to call your followers to do it. Example: "Don’t miss your chance, grab a free ticket today, link on my bio."

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