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How To Tell Your Business On Instagram That Engage?

Every single day, there are million businesses of all types tell their visual stories on Instagram because people love to engage with businesses that inspire them. They usually take action after discovering services or products they like. And before creating content, keep in mind these things:

  1. What do you want people know about your business? Think about what makes you unique and try to capture that into your profile description, posts, stories.

  2. Create at least 9 first posts to establish an initial grid of images

  3. Post regularly to keep your followers engaged.

Here are some tips we hope to help you when creating content for your Instagram:

  1. Create compelling captions: Keep it brief and interesting, add relevant hashtags between 3 - 10 so people don't get distracted. Maximum hashtag on Instagram post is 30 hashtags. But you can add more on the comment section.

  2. A picture is worth a thousand words and Instagram is a wonderful place for you to show case your products or services through pictures. Use good, high quality picture for your post.

  3. Add location so people can find you easily.

  4. Interact with your followers to build relationship with them.

  5. Add Call-to-Action: if you are running ads or promoting a post on Instagram, add a clear Call-to-Action will help to advance your business goal.

Hope this helps!

Hopeful Builder


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