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The must-have 4 E's Content Pillars for Creating Social Media Content

The type of social media content can make or break your success. We have found that many businesses post content that only focuses on “buy my stuff”. They tend to forget about the fact that no one likes they are being sold to – and you are not alone, we’ve all felt that way at one time or another. Instead of interrupting your audience to sell them something, focus on adding value to their day. Here are 4E’s of social media content that can help you achieve success: Educate, Empower, Entertain, and Engage.

Let’s dive in!

1. Educate:

Focus on providing valuable information to your clients that helps them understand what you offer, why they need you, and what problem you are solving for them. One of the formulas I use with a lot of clients is, “They Ask, You Answer”. Chances are that if one customer asks you a question, someone else out there has that same question too. No matter how simple or obvious you think the question is, if it’s being asked your job is to answer it. To get started, take the top 3-5 most common questions customers ask you and create blog posts for each or make them into your Facebook or Instagram post. Or you can create a video about it.

2. Empower:

Make your audience feel empowered. There are a couple of ways you can do this. One is to provide simple tips and tricks that help your audience.

The second way you can empower your audience is to highlight them on your page; get them to submit pictures, videos, and guest posts for you. Making them the center of your content will empower them and help build further credibility.

3. Entertain:

We socialize on social media to get away from our long busy days and to forget about the worries of the world for a moment. Create content that helps your audience do that. A simple picture, infographic, or video can take a dry and boring status update to the post of the week. Even if you are a professional organization, a lawyer, or an accountant, ejecting a bit of humour into your posts and content can draw people in. There is a place and time for seriousness, but make sure you don’t forget about the fun.

4. Engage:

Of all the 4 E’s, ENGAGE is the most important. When someone comments or shares your content it creates a greater level of trust compared to just clicking the “Like” button or casually exploring your blog. Create content that requires your audience to give you feedback, leave comments, and express their opinions. The more that they engage with your content, the more they will begin to know, like, and trust your company or brand until they become advocates for you. If you have not had much engagement in the past, the best way to attract interested followers is to invite them to participate. The key is to make it easy and not too difficult for them. Asking questions that require a simple yes or no response creates a comfortable way for your audience to start engaging.

A mix of content that Educates, Empowers, Entertains, and Engages will get you on the right path to having a strong social presence. If you put in the effort and execute a plan, you will see how social media can impact your business.

Unsure how to manage your busy schedule and get in those last-minute postings? Download our content management template that will help you to track and organize your ideas and content tasks. You can use different colors and labels to customize it according to your content pillars, categories, topics...

By implementing this template into your content management strategy, you’ll be able to easily focus on creating valuable content for your audience, construct a well-thought content plan and develop a clear method of sorting your marvelous ideas.



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